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This list is incredibly biased. Like, you don't even know. But if you want to know the fics we love and drool over in the Latin Hetalia fandom, click here.

(oh, and we recced each other. That's how biased we are. So be prepared)


Title: Más vueltas dan los fierros, más nubes en el mes. - by [ profile] moekan
Characters/Pairing: Perú/Chile
Language: Spanish.
Comments: What can I say about this fic? Is such a beautiful, precious little jewel for me. There's a delicate sensibility through the whole story, a certain vulnerability to Manuel, who longs and longs and longs (and everything is so far, even when it feels so close). I love how the author explored Manu's deep SENSIBILITIES and his refusal to give in until he's breaking -or, until the other part of the story reaches to him-. Chile is so proud, here, and so shy. I think it's one of the most accurate portrayals of Manu I have ever read. Plus, those references to Violeta Parra are cleverly placed in the whole fic.

Title: Cross My Heart. - by [ profile] wooblywooble
Characters/Pairing: Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay.
Language: English.
Comments: There was a time when I was young and beautiful, that I tried to MARRY THIS FIC but I eventually desisted when people kept on insisting that that's not even legal, the little pricks. I really, really love the way this story flows but the heart of the fic, to me, lays within the interactions between the characters. You can feel the longing, and the words unsaid, and you can feel the tensions which exists between some of them. And it's all beautifully written.

Title: Que no cierren la puerta. - by [ profile] osakaxsun
Characters/Pairing: Argentina, Islas Malvinas.
Language: Spanish.
Comments: HOLY CRAP THIS FIC. I love how strong the voice in this fic is. It's all so full of tension, and you feel for Martín. You feel for him and from everyone that got involved in that disaster but, mostly, Martín just hurts. He's proud and he's strong but weak at the same time, and he crumbles to pieces and pretends he's not broken, even when he know he is.

Title: First - by [ profile] sakuratsukikage
Characters/Pairing: Brasil, Uruguay.
Language: English.
Comments: What I like the most about this fic is Sebas’s portrayal. Young, yet a little bit bitter. Powerless, yet strong and proud. And how Luci just doesn’t see it nor does he get it. And it’s all delivered in a beautiful manner by the author. Her writing flows in a simple, subtle and beautiful way.

Title: Tres versos para una historia. - by [ profile] daniela_lynx
Characters/Pairing: Chile.
Language: Spanish.
Comments: OKAY I'M BIASED HERE but I love everything this woman writes since we were teens. In this fic, we get one of the most real and crude portrayals of Chile during the dictatorship, and it's painful because it is supposed to hurt. And it's real because reality sucks and it's supposed to hit you like a train when things are not right. You can't live in a fairytale and you can't live in a lie, that's what Manuel learns here, eventually. In the most cruel of the ways.

Title: Entrelazos. - by [ profile] kororo_minamoto
Characters/Pairing: Perú/Chile.
Language: Spanish.
Comments: THIS ONE WAS WRITTEN FOR ME. This fic, in my opinion, it's the best Perú/Chile fic ever written. It draws subtle paralell lines on their relationships, it shows they way in which their lives are so intertwined. It states about a conexion between the two of them, so strong, so deep. Even if they fight, even if they still don't mend their hearts, even if things fall apart around them--- they can't and won't deny how deeply are they connected. And it's beautiful.

Title: Jogos - by [ profile] berseker
Characters/Pairing: Brasil, Chile.
Language: Portuguese.
Comments: Okay, so, there are a crapload of fics by Ber that I’d love to rec from the bottom of my HUMBLE AND DELICATE HEART and I’m not just saying this because we are friends, trufax. This fics it’s one of my favourites because holy crap, the atmosphere in this one is creepy as hell. It’s painful and it contrasts Luci and Manu so well, when they are both in so much trouble. The tension, the atmosphere, the silence and the tears and--- everything screams this is not what it seems and then, the masks crumble.

Title: Day Of Freedom - by [ profile] berseker
Characters/Pairing: Colombia.
Language: English.
Comments: I love fics about the Hispanic Wars For Independence. And this is one of the best that float around there on dah internerz. Catalina is so clever, so strong here. She knows what she wants and she knows what she needs and she’s so fed up with bullshit and so determined to fight and achieve her dreams--- this is where I feel that Catalina, so beautiful and delicate, is one of the strongest and fiercest of Spain’s children.

Title: The Chapel of Bones - by [ profile] berseker
Characters/Pairing: Brasil, Portugal.
Language: English.
Comments: A CERTAIN SOMEONE IS GOING TO HIT ME FOR RECCING SO MUCH OF HER STUFF. I read this fic early when I was just getting the hang of this fandom and I loved it. It’s a beautiful historical fic, not because of facts but because of the appropiate context and the clever use of figures and metaphors. The imaginery in this fic is absolutely beautiful and it definitely shows in the way it compliments the relationship between Port and Luci.

Title: El último ser humano. - by [ profile] aleganott
Characters/Pairing: Venezuela.
Language: Spanish.
Comments: A brilliant character study of María’s early years and her fraternal relationship with Spain. It touches some important topics, like racism, which is awesome because rarely a fic on this fandom dares to say things about controversial stuff. And it’s a little bit crude, at parts, but that’s okay because it what makes it feel real to me.

Title: Calaverita Literaria - by [ profile] motoko_cydalima
Characters/Pairing: Every single Latin American country EVER.
Language: Spanish.
Comments: This is different and refreshing, and a fun homage to México’s folklore and literature. The author plays with rhymes and figures and scares the crap out of almost every single character and each segment has it own personality, which makes it all the more fun and well done.

Title: Tanto por decir - by [ profile] osakaxsun
Characters/Pairing: Argentina, Las Malvinas.
Language: Spanish.
Comments: This little drabble says a lot about Martín and Victoria. It’s sad and it’s bitter and you see things that were already there, always hidden. And Martín breaks my heart in such a painful way--- at the same time, there’s Victoria and she’s not quite broken, she just wants different things. She has a different home.

Title: And in time I know that we’ll both see, that we’re all we need. - by [ profile] kisachanlove
Characters/Pairing: Venezuela/Bolivia.
Language: Spanish.
Comments: AWWWWW. This little fic is really cute and it’s pure light hearted fluff, it has its silly parts and the cute fluffy parts and everything. Julito is really adorable in this one and I like him here, because he’s far from the cliché BOLIVIAN NINJA.

Title: Foreign Relations. - by [ profile] candesceres
Characters/Pairing: Brasil/Argentina, Portugal, Romano, Australia.
Language: English.
Comments: THIS ENTIRE THING IS HILARIOUS. And the author’s sense of humor makes it A+. I’ve loved in secret this fic since the beginning of TIME because I love what it proposes and the... character’s characterisations (lol) are so spot on you can’t help but fall in love with them all over again, even if they are a bunch of idiots. YOU WILL CHEER FOR POOR LITTLE LU.

Title: Começos - by [ profile] berseker
Characters/Pairing: Brasil/Argentina.
Language: Portuguese.
Comments: Ber has written 549068459083 Br/Arg fics (no shit, Sherlock) and a lot of them are between my personal favourites but I just couldn’t pick one, damn it. So I re-read a couple of them and I decided this is one of the bunch that I like a lot. It’s sappy and sweet and it gets all STICKY FLUFF--- and it’s them. Luci and Martín and their eternal idiocy and you can see them perfectly here, the constant between them that makes me love them so much.

Title: Smiles - by [ profile] berseker
Characters/Pairing: Perú, Chile, Spain.
Language: English.
Comments: LAST ONE, I PROMIIISE. So, Miguel and Manuel are adorable babies (and Manu is a tsundere baby), Spain crowns himself as the King of Oblivious Bastards Whom Scar Their Children With Their Words and you can see how independence is going to come so very different for the both of them, you can see it just by looking at how different their relationship with Spain was. It’s a nice take on character study.

Title: Last Night On Earth - Contando os segundos. - by [ profile] aluha
Characters/Pairing: Perú/Chile.
Language: Portuguese.
Comments: THIS IS REALLY CUTE. I like this one because Miguel’s portrayal here is really fun. He’s sweet and charming and impulsive and just. random and he just does things because that’s how he is: he acts before he even thinks, while Manuel is just a DORK who spur facts out of his mouth.


Title: A Escada de Penrose - by [ profile] wooblywooble
Characters/Pairing: Brazil/Uruguay
Language: Portuguese
Comments: This fic covers their relationship from the colony times to present days, and it's sweet and poignant and touching and basically very awesome. I love how woob characterizes Sebas, his sweetness and quiet strenght and the way he interacts with Luci, and the issues they face and how they work around them (or not). It's quiet and bittersweet and very romantic.

Title: Lo llaman Familia - by [ profile] sparkling_gurl
Characters/Pairing: Argentina + Spain.
Language: Spanish
Comments:This one is basically everything I ever wanted from a family fic. It shows the love and the ISSUES and the awkwardness of their relationship, and how it progressed from colonial days to the XX century and it handles it very well. It's intense and really well-written.

Title: A terceira lei de Newton - by [ profile] aluha
Characters/Pairing: Br/Arg
Language: Portuguese
Comments: THIS FIC IS HILARIOUS OKAY. It's a officeAU with... not exactly porn but almost and it's funny and snappy and the dialogue is great and it has what is probably the best flirting scene in the history of ever. Read it so you'll learn how to do it.

Title: Pick-up chicks - by [ profile] candesceres
Characters/Pairing: Brasil/Argentina/Australia (... or Au/Arg/Br. I’m not sure)
Language: English
Comments: The boys are having fun at a nightclub, and Martin gets jealous. And it's sweet and funny and it will make you feel sorry for him and laugh at his pain at the same time (but you'll feel guilty for it). Also, Australia is the boyfriend everyone wants. And the sex is hot. Very hot. As in, VERY HOT.

Title: El Peso Preciso del Universo - by [ profile] ilye_aru
Characters/Pairing: Argentina, mentions of others.
Language: Spanish
Comments: This was one of those Five Times challenges, and it's absolutely perfect. It shows how multi layered Martín's personality is, and how intense he feels about things, and what lies behind his proud and haughty facade. It's a great character study and one of my favorites.

Title: Mistério do Planeta - by [ profile] nachofrogger
Characters/Pairing: Brasil/Argentina
Language: Spanish
Comments: … Nachofrogger should write more, honestly. This fic is cute and sweet and it says so much without overstating anything, and it's really nice to read. And I love how complicated Martín is, and how weirdly fail Luci is (… come on, he falls asleep twice) and the fact that it's really short makes it even more delightful. In an infuriating way, because I wanted to keep reading.

Title: A World in Us - by [ profile] sakuratsukikage
Characters/Pairing: Brazil/Argentina
Language: English
Comments: Sakura wrote a few latin-hetalia fics, and you should read every single one (and if you ship US/UK, you should go and read those too). Go to her masterlist and read everything, you won't regret it. I wanted to rec everything she ever wrote, but that would be weird, so I picked my all-time favorites, which is why there are only two of her fics here (three if you count Ilye's rec [Ilye: I wanted to rec this one but Ber STOLE IT FROM ME, THE LITTLE JERK]). SHE'S GOOD, that's what I'm trying to say. This fic here is the first long one she wrote for this pairing, and it's sweet and emotional and touching and she makes Luci and Martín so charming that I fall in love with them all over again every time I read it. Honestly. Stop reading this rec and go read her fic, I'll wait.

Title: The Lie About Yourself - by [ profile] sakuratsukikage
Language: English
Comments: And this is my second favorite fic from Sakura. It's PORN, the sweetest, most intense kind of porn ever. It's about intense emotions and trust and love and care and the whole thing is absolutely perfect.

Title: Four lives in which Martin and Luciano met each other (and one that gathered them all) - by [ profile] chiruha_kyuu
Characters/Pairing: Brazil/Argentina
Language: Spanish
Comments: This has five different universes in which Luci and Martín meet, and I can't decide which one I love the most. The characterization is adorable, and the way they react to each other is pretty sweet and the universes she chose are awesome. Football players, office sort of thing, Martín as a TANGO TEACHER, what else do you want?

Title: I’m with idiot - by [ profile] veneotaqueen
Characters/Pairing: Venezuela/Colombia, mentions of... pretty much everyone.
Language: Spanish
Comments: This fic is almost two years old, and I still love it. I still remember some lines, actually. It's about Venezuela's international relationships, and it shows a bit of everyone and it's FUNNY. Venezuela is insane and hilarious, Colombia is patient (sometimes) and long-suffering and their chemistry is awesome. And Venezuela is a brat. If you didn't believe it before, you will after this fic.

Title: No pintamos nada. - by [ profile] ilye_aru
Characters/Pairing: Chile/Argentina, Peru+Chile.
Language: Spanish
Comments: Yes, this is Arg/Chi. The fact that I actually read it proves how awesome it is, because I usually avoid this pairing at all costs, but there you have it. This is a historical fic about Manu's independence, and it's REALLY WELL DONE. The characters are so young and hopeful that it almost hurts. And Manu's hero worship for Martin is absurdly endearing, Martín is SPARKLY and they're strong and vulnerable and amazing. Aaand this fic is incomplete, but it works well as a one-shot, so there. Go read it.

Title: Matinée Criolla - by [ profile] ilye_aru
Characters/Pairing: Chile/Peru, mentions of Argentina
Language: Spanish
Comments: This one has zombies. That alone would be enough to make it awesome, but the fic is also funny and cute until the point where it suddenly becomes HEARTBREAKING. I think this is what I loved the most about it, how it made me laugh, because Manuel is snappish and FUN and heroically fail (and he makes it work), and then it made me want to curl up and die. And, you know. Zombies.

Title: Somos Cinco Mil - by [ profile] ilye_aru
Characters/Pairing: Chile
Language: Spanish
Comments: Last one by Ilye, I promise. But you really should go and check all the others, she's just that awesome. Anyway, this is a very intense read, about a very intense (and controversial, and complicated) historical period. The fic handles it really well, and it's subtle and painful, and very well written. It will make you want to cry. It also works as a sort of a mirror fic to Que no cierren la puerta.

Title: - Libertad by [ profile] kororo_minamoto
Characters/Pairing: Peru, hints of Peru/Chile
Language: Spanish
Comments: This fic is about the Pacific War and it's just so powerful. The writing is amazing, and the overload of emotions is so INTENSE that reading it feels like a real war. It says a lot about Peru's personality and how he interacts with the others, and it's just that gorgeous.

Title: - San Lorenzo,  by [ profile] osakaxsun 
Characters/Pairing: Argentina, historical dudes
Language: Spanish
Comments: IT HAS MARTÍN CRYING . GO READ IT. Ok, it's about Martin's feelings during his independence, and it adds another dimension to the whole thing and Ceci is a great at writing intense emotions and teen Martín is adorable.

This list might change, if we remember moar stuff we like ;)


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