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Title:  Lucky
Characters: Julio/Daniel (Bolivia/Paraguay)
Rating/Warnings:  High-school AU. ^^””
Summary:  Julio Paz is not exactly known for his luck.

This was my Secret Santa pinch-hit gift for [ profile] melocotonisma, with LOVE and probably some apologies ♥

(thank you [ profile] oreo_ornament for beta-ing for me ♥)

He woke up at six, with the sound of Grandpa snoring from the other fricking room. This told him everything he needed to know about how the day was going to go.

As usual. Julio Paz was not exactly known for his luck, and he was used to that. It's just that today he had this very important math test, and he wanted to sleep well before the class, and now he was awake and he couldn't go back to sleep because it wasn't worth it; the alarm would sound in fifteen minutes.

He got up, grumbling under his breath, and went to the bathroom.

The door was locked. Julio stared, unbelieving, and then he knocked.

No reply. This meant his brother was there, Miguel hated to speak when he was in the bathroom. He'd rather let everyone assume he had died in a freaky accident with the shower head.

Julio kicked the door, just to make a point, and then went back to bed. If he was going to wait, at least he would do that comfortably warm, even if it meant he'd get sleepy just in time to get a heart attack from the alarm.

Except it wasn't warm anymore. Apparently, the time he took to get up and reach the bathroom was enough to make his sheets freeze.

This time he didn't even curse. No, really, it was just his kind of day.

So he was very surprised when he found Daniel by the school's almost closing gate, because such a stroke of luck so early could only mean one thing: the day was about to get worse, and karma was just trying to trick him into a false sense of security.

“Why are you here?” he asked, suspiciously, “Is the school closed? Did it explode? Is this some kind of trap?”

Daniel tilted his head, looking at him. He looked like a small bird when he did that, and Julio smiled without even realizing. Even if it probably was a trap.

“I was waiting for you,” Daniel said, still looking intrigued, but smiling back all the same, “I thought we should check the details again, before the Spanish class starts.”

… details?


“That's... a good idea,” Julio said, a little wary, “Did you- ah- how exactly are we going to check them?”

Daniel laughed. Julio tried to smile again, growing more uneasy by the second, and then Daniel suddenly stopped.

“Oh my God, you're not joking.”


“Julio! You were supposed to write your part last night, we needed to have this report done by today! You didn't see my emails?”

“I'm sorry! My internet is dead, I told you that!”

And frankly, Dani should have assumed it would be. He knew Julio had no luck.

“We talked about it the whole week, how could you forget?”

“...we did?”

The look Daniel gave him made him cringe. And it helped him remember what the problem might have been, because he had no idea what Daniel had been saying, in those meetings they had held, but he did know he had tiny, light golden specks in his green eyes. It made them so magical, like fairy dust over the sea.

Oh well.

“I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but there's still time, right? The Spanish class is-”

“Is right after the test! We're totally screwed, and it's all your fault! I'll just... I'll give them my part, and hope the teacher doesn't notice it covers only half the book.”

Julio deflated, looking at the floor. Maybe he shouldn't have paid so much attention to his eyes. Maybe...

“... I'll still put your name, don't worry,” Daniel said, looking uncomfortable, “You don't have to look so down.”

Julio pouted at him. Daniel looked away, and then back at him, shuffling his feet, and then away again.

“I just- look, I'm sorry. And- I know what you're doing, you're trying to make me feel guilty, so stop, because it's not going to work.”

Julio pouted harder, his lip quivering. Daniel tried to be strong, but he was no match for the power of his adorableness, and in the end he snorted, and then smiled, his sweet, happy smile. He punched Julio's shoulder affectionately.

“Stop that, I said I was sorry,” he said, “But we're still screwed.”

“No, we're not,” Julio said, smiling too, now that things were safe again, “I'm sure the test will be easy, so I'll do it real fast, and then I'll write the next part. What's the book again?”

Daniel looked shocked. But before he could complain – which would also be unfair, they had to read, like, a book per week, and Julio was sure he hadn't written any report last week, so how the hell was he supposed to remember the title this time? - he squeezed his shoulder, in a gesture of pure friendship and no ulterior motive at all.

“So, we should get inside, before they close the door in our faces. This happened to me last-”

A hand on his shoulder. Holding him tight.

“Julio! How nice to see you here,” Martín said. “And talking to my cousin!”

“Yes,” said Sebastián, a little behind him, “And after we told you to stay away!”

“Hm, hey, guys,” Daniel said, “We were discussing homework. It's just-”

“You're not making him fail again, are you?”

Ok, now that was really unfair. Last year hadn't been his fault, and even Daniel knew that. It was just his dumb family that refused to see that there was no way Julio could have made him skip all those classes. But trying to reason with those two was a task for someone with more patience than him. And probably more muscles; he was sure Sebastián had a dagger hidden somewhere underneath his uniform.

Probably in his butt.

“I'd love to stay here and tell you all about my homework,” he said, twisting out of Martín's grip, “But I have a test today, and-”

The sound of the alarm that marked the beginning of the class – and the gate closing – came in slow motion, hauntingly, like the most ominous sound from hell. And Julio was just about to scream an equally slow-mo and dramatic nooooo and shake his fist to the sky, but Daniel and the Team Evil were still there and he had his dignity, so he just said.

“Well, fuck. I'm not even surprised.”

It took fifteen minutes to explain the principal why they were standing in front of the gate like a bunch of morons instead of going to their classes, and then another ten to explain why he shouldn't be blamed by everyone's lateness, and he was considering getting his notebook to get started on the second half of the report thing right there. But then, since he had no luck, the man let them go, with a warning to stop being dumb and a note to give the teacher.

Martín and Sebastián clearly had more to say to him, but Julio didn't wait to find out what it was. As soon as the man released them, he ran straight to the class.

The teacher gave him a dirty look, but gave him the sheet with the questions.

He read the first one.

Then the second one.

Then the third one.

Then the first one again.

Then he buried his face in his hands. He really, really wished he had paid attention to something else besides Dani's golden-green eyes. And Grandpa's snores. And his chronicle lack of luck.

With a deep, suffering sigh, he started to write numbers and formulas and everything he could remember. At least he had that. The teacher would have to work for the zero he was going to get.

But at least he had the time to write something to add to Dani's report.

Two pages, even. He was proud of himself. Even if he had no idea what he had just done. At least Dani wouldn't be mad anymore.

“... this isn’t the right book.”

“Of course it is! Look, it has the dude with the premonitions and the girl who had to have sex with him because his wife hired her to do it, and the billion dudes with the same name and-”

“But it's all wrong! She's the one who has premonitions, and they only have three kids, and no one hired anyone, and this is not the right book!”

“Well, then someone is going to die, because I read the whole thing and I hated it.”

Daniel suddenly looked very tired. Not of him, hopefully. Julio was about to torture him with his cuteness again, when he shook his head and continued.

“Fine then, have it your way. If she kicks us out of school, then it's your fault.”

“Yeah right,” Julio said.

So typically Dani. His own report was probably super lame if he was agreeing with that, but he was under the curse of pride that affected his whole family, so he would never admit Julio was saving him with his two extra pages.

Still, this was good. So maybe the day was getting better.

…oh no. Now he had jinxed it.

The Spanish teacher got their report, skimmed over it to see if they weren't giving her something straight from Wikipedia – like, literally straight from it, with the url and all the Hyperlinks still in the text, some people were so lazy – and then shoved it in the middle of a pile of papers.

So there was a fair chance that she wouldn't even read it. She probably was regretting asking this in the first place. Julio turned to Daniel with a smile, to show him there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

The light turned out to be a train, because Martín was talking to him, and he saw the smile. He raised his hand, and then dragged his finger across his neck, sending a very clear message.

Julio turned away. He could talk to Dani later. No point being stupid about it.

He was still waiting for the chance, when they were in the line waiting for the food. The cafeteria was crowded, of course, so his chances were good. He was trying to find Daniel in the middle of the chaos, when he heard a familiar voice shouting.

“Hey, Julito, where are the guys who were threatening you?”

He froze.

Then he closed his eyes, and tried to become invisible. He was sure it was just a matter of concentration, really, and forgetting the fact that everyone was staring, and what the hell was wrong with Miguel, this was so not going to make Julio forgive him for taking over the bathroom.

“No one! No one was threatening me. I mean, they were, but it's not important now-”

“Of course it is,” Miguel said, hotly and weirdly enthusiastic, “So tell me where the assholes are, and then I'll kick their asses!”

“You can't even find your own ass using a map,” came a bored voice from a little behind them, “So shut up and stop trying to cut the line.”

Ah, that was the unmistakable sound of Manuel's grating voice, and a bad day wouldn't be complete without it. Julio looked up at Miguel.

“Can't you hit him instead? I'll be just as happy.”

“No, he's just obsessed with my ass and besides, he wasn't threatening my little brother.”

There was an indignant sputtering from Manuel's general direction, and then he emerged from the sea of people like some sort of prehistoric monster.

“I don't care about your ass! What the hell is wrong with you?”

“You just said that because you don't have one!”

“Oh my God, I didn't want to hear this,” Julio moaned, but they ignored him.

“That's not what you said last night, you asshole!”

“We didn't talk about your ass last night! I'd remember!”

“That was the worst comeback ever! Come here so I can kick your stupid ass!”

“Will you two stop talking about your asses in front of my innocent cousin?!”

Both turned to Martín, who had materialized from the ether in front of them. With the ever-present Sebastián in tow, of course, and a red-faced Daniel right behind them.

“Ah, there you are,” Miguel said brightly, forgetting about Manuel for a moment, “Martín and guy-who-looks-like-Martín! Stop bullying my baby brother, or I'll tell your little cousin everything Manuel thinks about my ass!”

Daniel paled. And Manuel turned an interesting shade of scarlet, then purple, then violet, and Julio didn't worry because he wouldn't worry about Manuel, of all people, but he wondered if he would die of hate now.

And then, before Manuel could explode, before Daniel could pass out in terror, before Julio could run away in embarrassment, before anyone could think of what to do now, in that threatening split-second following whatever would come next-

The next person in line laughed, showing an appalling sense of timing.

“Hey, I'll just get my food, then, if you don't mind,” Luciano said, with his trademark bright smile, “It's the Mysterious Meat today, and it gets really weird when it's cold, but go on, you were talking about Miguel's butt.”

He put a generous spoonful of rice in his plate, then beans, and was just about to get the meat when Martín came back to his senses.

“Hey, you're cutting the line! Go back to your place.”

Luciano ignored him. One, Julio thought, two, three-

Martín grabbed his arm, Luciano turned to shake him off and then Julio didn't see what happened next, but suddenly there was food flying everywhere, and now his brother and Manuel were trying to strangle each other and Julio decided it was the perfect time to be somewhere else.

It was only when he was out of the cafeteria, leaving the war and destruction behind, that he noticed he hadn't gotten any food.


Well still, at least he had escaped with his life and his dignity almost intact, because really, no one would remember his brother coming to protect him after all that. So things were getting better-

“I can't believe you asked your brother to do that,” Daniel said, making him jump.

Julio looked inside the cafeteria, where the war was still going on. Then back at Daniel.

How did you escape?”

“I crawled under their legs, but that's not the point! The point is that they weren't really going to slit your throat, you didn't have to do that.”

“You think I asked for this? And they made me miss the test today!”

“They didn't, you were late!”

“I wasn't, you distracted me!”

“Ah, so now you're blaming me?”

“Yes! It's always your fault! And I'll flunk the test because of you, too!”

“That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard! After all the trouble I went for you, after you distracted me the whole week instead of writing that report-”

“Distracted you? I didn't distract you, you distracted me with your eyes!”

“No, you distracted me with yours!”

They glared at each other. For a long time. Centuries. Ages. The sun exploded and the seas turned into blood and all life ended and they were still glaring at each other. So long that it got a little awkward.

Then, after an impossibly long time, Julio managed to say:

“What about my eyes?”

Daniel finally looked away. There was a light, almost imperceptible flush in his cheeks.

“Dunno. They're interesting.”

“They're boring. Yours are nicer.”

“No, they're- really sparkly. When you laugh. And interesting. More than that book, anyway.”

More silence.

“...are you mad at me?” Daniel asked. He was still looking away, and Julio's heart was racing, and he tried to find something to say, something that wouldn't ruin everything.

“No, of course now, I'm just- I think we should...”

…should what?

Come on, he thought, someone help me out here, please, anyone, and he was just about to say they should maybe go to the library or something dumb like that, when Daniel spoke first:

“Maybe we could go somewhere else? To wait until they're done, I mean? Then we can- study for the... stuff... and...”

“Yes!” Julio said, feeling his chest swell with relief, “That's a great idea, we have a lot of stuff to do, and-”


It was only his well honeyed reflexes that saved him from being hit by a ball of rice and something sticky that exploded against the wall.

“Uh oh,” Daniel said, looking at his furious cousins, who had just spotted them.

Julio couldn't agree more, but he wasn't going to let them ruin this again. He grabbed Daniel's hand, and then ran. Daniel let himself be dragged, giggling like an idiot, clearly missing the danger they were in. But it didn't matter.

Of course, with his luck, they would get caught, and then disemboweled, and then the school would explode, not in this order, but then – he was holding Daniel's hand and they were running fast enough to turn the corner without being seen, so there was a chance Martín – and Sebastián – would take the wrong direction.

And then he'd be alone with Dani.

Julio smiled, and ran a little faster. The day was definitely getting better.

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