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Title: Candlelight
Rating: Free
Characters: baby!Argentina and Spain
Summary: Written for [ profile] haruko_hi ’s winter challenge. The prompt was Martín missing Antonio.

(thank you zu and kasy for reading it over for me)

The first time Spain lit a candle, Martín cried. He didn't know why. )
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Remember the 5 Things Meme?


I was planning to wait until everything was ready BUT OH WELL.

For [ profile] vasilina0946 - 5 Reasons of why Mexico haven't beat the US up yet )

For [ profile] riot_of_flowers - 5 reasons why Brazil and Argentina make a good couple. )

For [ profile] galatea_dnegro - 5 reasons why Sebastian has been never bet with his cousins / neighbors )

For [ profile] wamyne - 5 things that make Brazil all deredere. )

For [ profile] cowny - 5 reasons why Argentina would love to wear Brazil's jersey )

THEN SOMETHING WEIRD HAPPENED. I was doing Cande's requests and the thing mutated into a drabble and then the drabble mutated into... well, this. So I did three of them o//

3 Times Spain was actually a good father. )
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So, remember the fail meme post? WELL. Someone riot_of_flowers mentioned character death.

So I killed Martin. ^_^""

This is angsty and weird and longer than I expected. Don't think too much about the logistics of everything because I didn't – it makes sense, sort of, but, you know. Don't think too much, that's all I'm saying – and be warned for swearing.

Also, be warned for Luci's 1st person POV omg. But it's gen. Unless you squint. Then you'll see everything.

(lots of thanks and flowers and chocolates to [ profile] zulenha, for beta-reading it for me <3<3<3)

So, the ceremony was over )
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... I need a Sebby icon orz

Title: Silver
Characters: Uruguay. And also Brazil, Uruguay, Portugal, Spain and Argentina.
Pairing(s): Gen.
Rating/Warnings: Headache-inducing history.
Summary: His first name was Colonia del Sacramento, and the one who gave him this name was Portugal. then he belonged to Spain too, and then there was a war and they changed their minds and he went back to Portugal, and then-

Note: So, I decided to write about Luci's wars. To do that, I need to write a little about Sebby's history. And to do that we will all need some aspirins and a lot of patience, because boy talk about convoluted. And I thought Argentina was complicated.

So, anyway. Consider this a set-up to a series .

How it Started )


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