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So, one of the prompts for my AU-bingo card thingie is "Alternate History: Major historical event changed"

We all know the Royal Family moving here was very important for our sex life independence. So. What would have happened if they had decided to go to, say, Angola instead? Where would we be today?

(of course, it's impossible to know, but come oooon humor me. Would we have had a badass war eventually? Would we still be a colony? Would we be an easy pray for Martin's crazy imperialist schemes and so we'd be part of the great Império del Rio de la Plata? hey, it could happen. Would Portugal actually have succeeded in taking over his brother's colonies? no, he couldn't do it from here, he won't be able to do it from Angola)

Where would we be now, if we weren't where we are?

(mudando de assunto, quem tiver um milhão de dólares sobrando, pode mandar pra mim q eu aceito)
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Remember the 5 Things Meme?


I was planning to wait until everything was ready BUT OH WELL.

For [ profile] vasilina0946 - 5 Reasons of why Mexico haven't beat the US up yet )

For [ profile] riot_of_flowers - 5 reasons why Brazil and Argentina make a good couple. )

For [ profile] galatea_dnegro - 5 reasons why Sebastian has been never bet with his cousins / neighbors )

For [ profile] wamyne - 5 things that make Brazil all deredere. )

For [ profile] cowny - 5 reasons why Argentina would love to wear Brazil's jersey )

THEN SOMETHING WEIRD HAPPENED. I was doing Cande's requests and the thing mutated into a drabble and then the drabble mutated into... well, this. So I did three of them o//

3 Times Spain was actually a good father. )
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Title: Alone
Characters/Pairings: England, Brazil, references to America and Portugal.
Rating/Warnings: ANGST. PG angst, but still.
Summary: He’s thinking of a different beach, a different land. A different child, a blond boy with bright blue eyes that would have run to him with open arms and an eager smile on his face

(Thank you, [ profile] sakuratsukikage, for beta-ing this for me and for being awesome, ILU <3)

Alone )
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Title: The Mad Cow War
Genre: Humor
Characters/Pairing(s): Canada, Brazil!OC, mentions of Cuba, Argentina!OC, England and America.
Summary: Concerning the epic war between Brazil and Canada. No, really. No, really.
Rating/Warnings: free for all.

This was written for the kink_meme. \o/ As usual, it turned out different from the original. That's the bright side of translating your own stuff- you won't get sued when you change everything.

The Mad Cow War )


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