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First, I’d like to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I love you all <3<3<3

Second, I’d like to say that I got 100 countries (and I almost didn’t cheat) at this thing here. I fail at Africa, Central America and parts of Asia ORZ. Also, all the countries that used to be one with Russia. BUT I’LL SUCCEED. ONE DAY. *hero pose*

Third, I haz fic.

Title: Treaties and Roses
Pairings: Gen. Very light hint of Port/UK.
Characters: Portugal, Brasil, France, South and North Italy, Spain, mentions of England.
Rating: Free.
Warnings: GIRLS. This is genderbend. And when I bend I bend everyone, so they’re ALL girls.
Summary: . It had made sense, back then, saving a day to remember they were more than kings and treaties and battles and alliances, that they still had that Something that made them, well, them. So it was settled, and they kept to it, and every few years they met for a Christmas party.

Moar warnings: Portugal is based on [ profile] candesceres’s character. She’s also the one who came up with the fem!Port name. I just like to steal her ideas o/ So Portugal is Gloria and Brazil is Luciana.

Treaties and Roses )
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Título: Pingos nos Is
Advertencias/Rating: GENDERBENT. Quase um drabble, basicamente.
Personaje/Parejas: Brasil/Argentina

Luciana est preocupada demais com seus prprios problemas. Que, no caso, so bem simples. Ela quer beijar Martina, e no sabe como comear. )
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Título: Assunto de Meninas
Rating: Livre.
Personaje/Parejas: Brasil (Luciana)/Argentina (Martina)/ Chile (Manu)/ Uruguai (Sebby). - sim, eu sou criativa pra nomes. A que se deu melhor aqui foi a Lulu. XD
Advertencias: GENDERBEND. Frescura. Política e feminismo (srs bzns lol), e uma piada deselegante sobre as enchentes em Santa Catarina espero que eu nao ofenda todo mundo orz.
Sumário: As meninas se juntam para jogar conversa fora. Manu está de mal-humor, Martina não sabe o que está fazendo ali, Sebby é a única pessoa sensata no recinto e Luciana é Luciana.

Tá, o título é bem cliché, mas pelo menos eu não chamei de Clube da Luluzinha o/

Assunto de Meninas )


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