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Luciano. And we'd just hang out and probably watch a game and then go some place nice to eat for lunch AND dinner (I like eating, ok) and then he'd be embarassingly talkative, being charming and sort of half flirting with everyone and I'd facepalm a lot because I tend to go 8I at people who randomly start conversations with waiters and waitress because dude, they're trying to work, just order already and stop making jokes, and then I'd be forced to admit that said waiters and waitresses are laughing for real, not just to be nice, so this means I'm the idiot here - been there, done that, way too many times - and we'd talk a lot and it would be awesome and amazing and, for the next few days, no one would be able to put up with me because my patriotism level would be going through the roof.

(that said, hello everyone, I'm back. I'm also at work right now, so it doesn't really count, but still. Also, I'm VERY SLEEPY)
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I finished the book, then I finally read the trilogy that ended a book series I used to read when I was 14 (d'aaaaaaaw they FINALLY MARRIED AND IT WAS SO CUTE omg those characters were part of my life, guys, and now she's married and their love is so pure and gfdks /DERE) I also read Boa Ventura, about the Brazilian gold rush in Brazil, and. IT'S. AWESOME. READ IT. IT'S COOL.

And I saw the sea once (what, it was cold, okay) and I had one churro. Now I want another one :(

BUT IT'S GOOD TO BE HOME, I missed you all ♥

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WHAT IN THE FUCK estou morrendo congelada e meus dedos viraram pedra 8I
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So, yesterday's experience made me realize something:

as much as I should develop my artistic skills and work on improving it so I can use my gift for the greater good, I HAVE NO ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT. I know few people can say that, but I honestly believe that I already reached the highest point my art will ever reach. So practicing more would be boring, really.

So I'm going back to writing. Thank you for your support and adoration. I'll leave you with a self portrait. I know it's hard, but I hope you'll all be strong and try to take this as best as you can.

Yes, that's my dress. And that's my hair too. And people who know me know I hardly ever make that face in real life but OH WELL art is art and this face was easier

and I have a new respect for everyone who draws with a mouse. omg people this is hard
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So, I decided to stop writing.

First, because this thing is eating my life since I was, like, twelve (if you don't count the little story about a talking parrot* that I wrote when I was eight, and you shouldn't count it because I plagiarized from Chico Bento**) and enough is enough. I gave it - the writing, not the parrot, or Chico - the best years of my life and for what? It never got me no money*** and I think it might have made me fat****.

And second, because it cockblocks me from pursuing my true calling. So from now on, folks, I'M AN ARTIST.

(mind you, I always thought of writing as art, but you know what I mean)

... I feel a lot better now that I got it off my chest.

samples of my work )
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It just dawned on me how many people I know who live near the Pacific.

I would be worried even if I didn't know anyone, but


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Ceninha na reunião do grupo da facu essa semana:

Claquete, cena 1, colega de Minas Gerais sorri docemente e fala docemente com um sotaque MUITO DOCE:

-Mineiros adoram o Espírito Santo...

Colega de ES sorri de uma forma não tão doce e responde incisivamente num sotaque tipo carioca-lite:

-Sei, vocês sempre dizem que ES é o quintal de vocês. Na verdade, é o PARAÍSO DE VOCÊS.


... sei lá, senti um clima.


(e tecnicamente eu não preciso ir mais nessas coisas, mas estou mantendo um contato até decidir o que quero fazer da minha vida. sei lá, se eu quiser tentar o doutorado, é bom manter minha rede de relações, certo? minha orientadora já gosta tanto de mim, seria muita pena desperdiçar nossa linda amizade)

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(minha orientadora agiu ESTRANHAMENTE, por assim dizer, mas deu tudo certo então nem vou reclamar o//)
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mais a respeito ) 
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So, I'm packing my stuff to go to the beach for Christmas. Our planning skills here are so bad that I'm starting, like, thirthy minutes before I leave, lol. But at long as I don't forget my books and my fics and my Christmas Songs CD, I'll be fine. Probably.

I'l be still checking the internetz every now and then, so let me know if there's anything I should know, okay? And MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE ♥


Dec. 21st, 2010 09:47 pm
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You know these books that are sort of maybe a little popular now that takes some classic book and then adds supernatural stuff, like, idk, Jane Eyre and Vampires or whatever?

Turns out Luciland can haz o//

I find this very exciting. So exciting that I bought Senhora, the Witch and the Alienista with Zombies. Senhora is my favorite on my Brazilian Classic list, and probably one of the top ten on my Overall List, so yeah. Now with more witches and spells and ghosts. BE JEALOUS.

And I kinda hate the Alienista. Or would, if I had managed to finish that thing. But I'm pretty sure zombies will spice things up, and anyway this one is for my brother, so there. I also bought stuff for mom (I was planning to get her something by Nicholas Sparks, but the guy refuses to write a book with a happy ending, so whatevs) and my baby sister, so Christmas shopping is almost done o/

That said, we have, like, 8 fills posted so far on the secreto santa. Should I be worried?

(e no dos estados, tem mais gente q precisa escolher logo o que vai fazer. Esse tem mais tempo, mas não tanto assim, então... vamulá, gente)
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Ok, so

2 days hiatus or something, to do what I should have spent the last semester doing.

See you all later, and wish me luck with this OTL

(... on the bright side, I can haz cool books...

anyway, back to work)
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Esse calor está acabando com a minha vontade de viver. E fora isso estou muito entediada, também. Minha cabeça se tornou um lugar chato e parado D:


... até esse negocinho azul ai do humor me entedia. QUE CALOR É ESSE, EINH?

Eu queria ter ar condicionado ;A;


Nov. 19th, 2010 01:01 am
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♥♥♥♥ So I'm back now. I MISSED YOU GAIZ ♥♥♥♥

I read four books and a half, none of them relevant to my dissertation but sort of relevant to my latin-hetalia santa, probably, finished my 50000 words for nano but not the story so I'll have to write more (I'm alternating between being sort of slightly amused and LOATHING that stupid thing like burning omgidek), I have an opinion on Portugal's designs but no one cares because I missed that party, I got to sunbathe and I got caught in the rain but didn't drink any pina colada.

It was fun, and I'm glad to be back <3333
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SAD NEWS OF SADNESS, PEOPLE Paul the octopus died.

He will be missed.


Anyway, I need to post something about the Santa Exchange but it needs to be in Spanish, so... could anyone translate it for me? IT'S REALLY SHORT I SWEAR ;AA; gracias, [ profile] riot_of_flowers


I just burned my mouth eating lasagna.

I hate the world.


Oct. 19th, 2010 05:17 pm
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I'm sleepy, and I don't want to work OTL

... I just thought everyone should know that

(also, I'm deeply sorry, but looks like Alfred passed away. I just got this email:

"This is my third time of sending you an e-mail without any reply, I told you about a deal on an investment account total 10.5million USD of late Mr. Alfred who shares the same last name with you (...) I know this sounds a bit heavy and complex but believe and trust me as it is achievable. For your assistance, I propose we split the funds in half and share it equally. This practice is not unusual in the banking sector here in the CHINA."

First, no, it isn't, I never got this one before. I got one from Lady Irina (!), who was dying and wanted to make me her heir, and one from a guy that had something to do with airplanes, but nothing from Alfred.


... the China. OK THEN. Sadly, I can't say anything else, because mr Ted Chan (well... TED Chan, they have a weird thing with capslock in the CHINA)  asked me to keep it confidential. So yeah.)
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I dreamed that the house next to my (very small and kinda dirty) apartment (that I don't have in real life anyway) was on fire. So I got out of my apartment, because it was very close and the fire could reach it, went to a bar and called for help. People answered right away, I gave them the right adress - I had to ask a lady nearby for the name of the street - and then they came in, like, less than five seconds and put out the fire.

DUDE. This never happens. In my dreams, I wouldn't be able to find the door to live, or wouldn't manage to figure out he phone, or the lady would start chatting instead of answering, and the firemen would never come and no, srsly, what the hell. I'm worried. Maybe I'm still dreaming.

Or maybe not, because in the end the korean boyband who lived in said apartment (don't ask) was personally responsible for the fire, because their car wad overheated, so they went to jail.

... so, my subconscious don't know much about cars. Or fires.


That said, elections are getting dumber by the minute ;A;

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The BBC apparently believes most people will have only read 6 of the 100 books here: BOLD THE ONES YOU’VE READ!

list here )21. Well. It's more than six.

... whatever, who cares about BBC anyway? You call me back when you add José de Alencar i'd say machado de assis but i kinda hate his books orz i fail at being smart

(fora isso, estou ficando doida. e meu grupo de trabalho não quer trabalhar. eu também não queria, mas infelizmente fui a primeira a me mexer, e pelo jeito também vou ser a única. ai, ai)


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