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Title: Candlelight
Rating: Free
Characters: baby!Argentina and Spain
Summary: Written for [ profile] haruko_hi ’s winter challenge. The prompt was Martín missing Antonio.

(thank you zu and kasy for reading it over for me)

The first time Spain lit a candle, Martín cried. He didn't know why. )
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Title: Smiles
Characters: chibi!Chile. And Spain. And Peru. IDEK
Pairing(s): Gen.
Rating/Warnings: Abuse of parenthesis. Also, I'm trying to figure out the characters and I don't know what I'm doing. Consider yourself warned.
Summary: Capitania General de Chile tries to figure out his life.

Smiles )
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Remember the 5 Things Meme?


I was planning to wait until everything was ready BUT OH WELL.

For [ profile] vasilina0946 - 5 Reasons of why Mexico haven't beat the US up yet )

For [ profile] riot_of_flowers - 5 reasons why Brazil and Argentina make a good couple. )

For [ profile] galatea_dnegro - 5 reasons why Sebastian has been never bet with his cousins / neighbors )

For [ profile] wamyne - 5 things that make Brazil all deredere. )

For [ profile] cowny - 5 reasons why Argentina would love to wear Brazil's jersey )

THEN SOMETHING WEIRD HAPPENED. I was doing Cande's requests and the thing mutated into a drabble and then the drabble mutated into... well, this. So I did three of them o//

3 Times Spain was actually a good father. )
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... I need a Sebby icon orz

Title: Silver
Characters: Uruguay. And also Brazil, Uruguay, Portugal, Spain and Argentina.
Pairing(s): Gen.
Rating/Warnings: Headache-inducing history.
Summary: His first name was Colonia del Sacramento, and the one who gave him this name was Portugal. then he belonged to Spain too, and then there was a war and they changed their minds and he went back to Portugal, and then-

Note: So, I decided to write about Luci's wars. To do that, I need to write a little about Sebby's history. And to do that we will all need some aspirins and a lot of patience, because boy talk about convoluted. And I thought Argentina was complicated.

So, anyway. Consider this a set-up to a series .

How it Started )


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