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(posting from lan-house, will be home in 4 hours PROBABLY)

So, my class was re-schedule because Luciland will be playing on that day. I was pretty whatever about it because I didn't even considered missing the game for that thing, but if people wanted to go and discuss whatever we're supposed to be discussing now hey, be my guest. My teacher said she would have gone. To the class, I mean. The other teacher said the same thing. They sounded a little too smug about it, but WHO CARES IT'S THE WORLD CUP so haters will be hating. Away from me, plz.

ANYWAY. This is what you need to know:

1. Remember Maradona said he was going to strip in front of the Obelisk lol so fitting if they win? There's a Chilean actress playing to do the same thing. Without the Obelisk, of course. Rumor has it that she got the idea from a facebook group of other Chileans who were planning to do the same thing. You know, I used to think Chile was the only sane one here.

2. Our players are being discreet and not giving interviews and stuff. The nation is kinda frustrated about it. People say it makes us look like Argentina.

3. Looks like Luci wil be refereeing USAxEngland's game. He's studying English bad words so he can recognize them and punish any superpower who decides to misbehave. I'm not making this up. I don't know about Alfred, but Artie is really happy about it. This is so epic I don't even know.I wasn't going to quote but I can't help myself: A CONTROVERSIAL referee who GRINS while dishing out red cards will take charge of England's World Cup opener against the USA on Saturday. The caps are all his, folks.

4. The reason I'm making this post in the first place: one of Martin's players was interviewed today (in Spanish because, well, yeah, and see what I mean, then they come across as being nice and then what?) and he said the friendship between the players was ok by him but now it was time to get serious, because, and here I quote, “if smiles and warmth could win the games Brazil would win every year. We don't dance samba, he have to play."

To which I say: FDJDSKÇJLGHJGEEEEEEEH <3<3<3<3<3<3


Ok I have a bus to catch. Let me just pimp this and 'KBYE see you in a few hours o//


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